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Guangdong Fumeida Group

It is a group enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, service and functional supporting of office furniture products. After sixteen years of hard work, it has developed into a well-known office furniture company in China, and its production and sales are in the forefront of the industry. There are three major brands of "Fumida", "Dazhijie" and "Huahualong", and the products cover furniture products such as panel paint, plywood screens, swivel chairs and sofas.



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New Chinese style is a kind of inheritance and innovation. It is rooted in the soil of China's traditional culture. It takes the essence and gives it the tedious complexity. It has been injected into the oriental flavor with the modern meaning of the eastern meaning, the simple and light luxury, and highlights the elegant and low-key Oriental luxury, becoming the choice of office fashion.


One Step Solutions.

Give the modern sofa a new definition with simplicity and clarity. She gathers smooth lines, delicate texture, and exquisite styling that is completely suitable for ergonomics, and uses fashion elements to dilute the indifference of the space,And inject the classic design of modern furniture, and strive to construct an elegant and leisurely spiritual space.


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Office furniture is not a consumable

Office furniture is not a consumable, so you should adhere to the principle of "never lack rather than abuse" when purchasing. If the office cannot be filled up, it should be purchased according to the needs of use. The area of office furniture should generally not exceed 50% of the indoor area. Yearning for change is a common consumer psychology of modern people, as is the purchase of office furniture. No matter how beautiful and luxurious an office is decorated, as time goes by, this sense of freshness and beauty will also diminish. Therefore, the furniture in the office should not be too full. It is necessary to leave room for future adjustment of the position of the furniture. It is recommended to choose office furniture that can be adjusted to facilitate future adjustments. Need to pay attention to genuine goods at a reasonable price, strong and durable. If it is pure wood office furniture, pay attention that its water content cannot exceed 12%, and it is best to choose a tenon joint structure rather than a nail gun assembly. Office furniture must be square, the diagonal must be consistent, the landing must be stable, the hardware components must be firm, and the doors and drawers must be opened flexibly. The surface of leather office furniture must be flat, free of bubbles, cracks, and seams.

How should I buy office furniture? What are the precautions?

Grasp your own needs The purchase needs to measure the size of the office and the size of the space, combine the company's culture, operation methods and business needs, as well as the company's decoration style, and then conceive the interior layout. Make the size of the furniture match the area and height of the office, and the style of office furniture conforms to the company's culture and decoration style. The style, style and color should be uniform and well matched, with changes in details. The selection of office furniture must pay attention to "color and taste", and must be in line with the company's culture and business nature to avoid office furniture that does not meet the needs after deployment.